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Roster of Libraries & Venues

Where "The Road" Has Taken Us

"The Road Not Taken - The Artistic Interpretations

of The Poetry of Robert Frost" has been on the road

since September of 2011. This page is under construction as we'll be adding library web links for you to check out

these fantastic adventures in

literary and architectural design for yourselves!

For now, here's our current log:



With all of our COVID Ups and Downs, here's the skinny:

70 Libraries; 10 nature/art/community centers, theaters and galleries booked! Will you join us on our quest to place this exhibit in each public library in the state of New Hampshire? :)

APRIL 2023    Goffstown Public Library - National Poetry Month!, Goffstown, NH

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2022  Walpole Town Library & North Walpole Branch Library,

                             Walpole, NH & North Walpole, NH

JUNE-JULY 2022 Acworth Silsby Library, Acworth, NH

APRIL-MAY 2022 Silbsy Free Library, Charlestown, NH

JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2022   Baker Free Public Library, Bow, NH

DECEMBER 2021  Christmas Break - Happy Holidays!

​OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2021    Jaffrey Civic Center, Cunningham Gallery, Jaffrey, NH 



FEBRUARY-MARCH 2020      Concord Public Library

DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020  Frost Free Library, Marlborough, NH


NOVEMBER 2019           Ingalls Memorial Library, Rindge, NH

OCTOBER 2019            Tucker Free Library, Henniker NH​

SEPTEMBER 2019 Minot-Sleeper Library, Bristol, NH

AUGUST 2019    Canaan Town Library, Canaan, NH

JULY 2019      Batchelder Library, Andover and Andover Public Library, Andover, NH

JUNE 2019      Gordon-Nash Library, New Hampton, NH

MAY 2019       Pillsbury Free Library, Warner, NH

         with special Frost activities for Spring Into Warner!

                  Saturday, May 18 9 am to 3 pm

APRIL 2019     National Poetry Month

               Sutton Free Library, Sutton, NH

                  Artists' Chat: Judy Krassowski, Wednesday April 24 5:30 pm

MARCH 2019     NH Audubon The McLane Center, Concord NH

FEBRUARY 2019  Salisbury Free Library, Salisbury, NH


        Dunbarton Public Library, Dunbarton, NH

          Special Event: December 4 6:30-8 pm

                           Stephen Collins: An Evening with Robert Frost​


NOVEMBER 2018        Olivia Rodham Memorial Library, Nelson, NH

                       with Artist's Talk on Saturday, November 17, 11 am 

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2018    George Holmes Bixby Memorial Library, Francestown, NH   

AUGUST 2018          Bedford Public Library, Bedford, NH

JULY 2018            Hollis Social Library, Hollis, NH

JUNE 2018            Rochester Public Library, Rochester, NH

MAY 2018             Wilton Public & Gregg Free Library, Wilton, NH

APRIL 2018      National Poetry Month 

                Amherst Public Library, Amherst, NH 

MARCH 2018                Goffstown Public Library, Goffstown, NH

FEBRUARY 2018             James A. Tuttle Library, Antrim, NH

JANUARY 2018              Smyth Public Library, Candia NH (by special request!)



                          Madbury Public Library, Madbury, NH

SEPTEMBER 2017            Barrington Public Library, Barrington, NH

JULY-AUGUST 2017          Lee Public Library, Lee, NH

MAY-JUNE 2017             Chesley Memorial Library, Northwood, NH

APRIL 2017                Great Bay Community College, Portsmouth, NH

FEBRUARY-MARCH 2017       Philbrick James Library, Deerfield, NH

JANUARY 2017              Smyth Public Library, Candia NH

DECEMBER 2016             Red River Theatres, Concord, NH

OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2016     Epsom Public Library, Epsom, NH

AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2016     Brown Memorial Library, Bradford, NH

JUNE-JULY 2016            Fiske Free Library, Claremont, NH

APRIL-MAY 2016            Randolph Town Hall, Randolph, NH

MARCH 2016                Fuller Public Library, Hillsborough, NH

JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016     Hancock Public Library, Hancock, NH

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2015   Whipple Free Library, New Boston, NH

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER        Stephenson Memorial Library, Greenfield, NH

JULY-AUGUST              Conservation Center, Concord, NH

JUNE                     Gay-Kimball Library, Troy, NH

MAY                      Frost Free Library, Marlborough, NH

MARCH-APRIL              Merrimack Public Library, Merrimack, NH

FEBRUARY                 Richmond Public Library, Richmond, NH

DECEMBER 2014-JANUARY 2015  Chesterfield Library, Chesterfield, NH

NOVEMBER                    Peterborough Town Library, Peterborough, NH

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER           Durham Public Library, Durham, NH

AUGUST                      Portsmouth Public Library, Portsmouth, NH

JULY                        Dover Public Library, Dover, NH

MAY-JUNE                    Rye Public Library, Rye, NH

MARCH-APRIL                 Exeter Public Library, Exeter, NH

JANUARY-FEBRUARY            Derry Public Library

DECEMBER 2013         Lane Memorial Library, Hampton, NH

NOVEMBER              North Hampton Public Library, North Hampton, NH

OCTOBER               Hampton Falls Free Library, Hampton Falls, NH

SEPTEMBER             Hooksett Public Library, Hooksett, NH

AUGUST                Pembroke Public Library, Pembroke, NH

JUNE-JULY             Robert Frost Farm, Derry, NH

MAY-JUNE              Massabesic Audubon Center, Auburn, NH

APRIL                 Fremont Public Library, Fremont, NH

MARCH                 Mary E. Bartlett Library, Brentwood, NH

JANUARY-FEBRUARY      Hampstead Public Library, Hampstead, NH

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012      Pantano Gallery, SNHU Southern New Hampshire University

OCTOBER                     Kingston Library, Kingston, NH

SEPTEMBER                   Kelley Library, Salem, NH

AUGUST                      Rodgers Memorial Library, Hudson, NH

JULY                        Plaistow Public Library, Plaistow, NH

MAY-JUNE                    East Kingston Public Library, East Kingston, NH

APRIL                       Stockbridge Theater, Pinkerton Academy, Derry, NH

MARCH                       Pelham Public Library, Pelham, NH

SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER 2011     Derry Public Library (exhibition debut)

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