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THE ROAD NOT TAKEN traveling exhibit books our shows with geography in mind. We take a look at a map and plan an installation, breakdown and new installation based on one library's proximity to another. So if you find us stopping by on a random day off or weekend to check out display or gallery space, chances are we are looking at a few libraries, arts and nature centers, colleges and community centers for possible exhibit opportunities. Shows are booked for one to two months at a time depending on location and time of year and are free of charge. Our artist group does charge for artist talks to help with travel costs or activity materials. If interested in a talk, please let us know if you'd like the talk to focus on the connection between Robert Frost's poetry and our artwork or our personal art concentration. Please email for more information or to book an exhibit.



As of August 2022, 70 NH Public Libraries

   10 nature centers/art galleries/

     community centers


Will you join us on our quest to place this exhibit in each public library in the state of New Hampshire? We sure hope you do! :D

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