Judy Krassowski


As an arts administrator, STEAM advocate and teaching artist at Trinity High School in Manchester NH, I bring patience, flexibility and enthusiasm to arts-related projects from grassroots to seasoned support.  I utilize my experiences in both private and public education, municipal government and events to support new efforts in the arts but what I really want to tell you is this . . .


We all have a voice and somewhere, somehow it needs to be heard. My voice finds its way through my photography, drawings, paintings, digital media, 3D-printed models, set design, events planning,  a good strong cup of tea and always, ALWAYS, creme brulee, because I enjoy the conversation that encourages others to think out loud.  I can't imagine any other way of life. As an artist, as a maker of things, I get to play every day.  Every.  Single.  Day.


I coach, compliment and encourage the creative vision of my students 'til the cows come home.  I open doors and then push you through.  What can I do for you today? 


Ocean Boulevard Studio at www.judykrassowski.com info@judykrassowski.com