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Exhibit Dates

"The Artistic Interpretations of the Poetry of Robert Frost" has been hosted by over 35 New Hampshire libraries and exhibit spaces during the past four years. Our goal is to reach each library in New Hampshire! We are very grateful for the hospitality that we have been shown by each library and media center staff and community members. Each venue is truly an adventure in the power of literacy and the importance of the arts to the wellness of a community.

Here is a listing of those venues.

2011 Sept-Dec: Derry Public Library, Derry NH

2012 March: Pelham Public Library, Pelham, NH

2012 April: Stockbridge Theater, Pinkerton Academy, Derry NH

2012 May-June: East Kingston Public Library, East Kingston, NH

2012 July: Plaistow Public Library, Plaistow, NH

2012 August: Rodgers' Memorial Library, Hudson, NH

2012 September: Kelley Library, Salem, NH

2012 October: Kingston Library, Kingston, NH

2012 Nov-Dec: Pantano Gallery, Southern New Hampshire University, Hooksett, NH

2013 Jan-Feb: Hampstead Public Library, Hampstead, NH

2013 March: Mary E. Bartlett Library, Brentwood, NH

2013 April: Fremont Public Library, Fremont, NH

2013 May-June: Massabesic Audubon Center, Auburn, NH

2013 June-July: Robert Frost Farm Historic Site, Derry, NH

2013 August: Pembroke Public Library, Pembroke, NH

2013 September: Hooksett Public Library, Hooksett, NH

2013 October: Hampton Falls Free Library, Hampton Falls, NH

2013 November: North Hampton Public Library, North Hampton, NH

2013 December: Lane Memorial Library, Hampton, NH

2014 Jan-Feb: Derry Public Library, Derry, NH

2014 March-April: Exeter Public Library, Exeter, NH

2014 May-June: Rye Public Library, Rye, NH

2014 July: Dover Public Library, Dover, NH

2014 August: Portsmouth Public Library, Portsmouth, NH

2014 Sept-Oct: Durham Public Library, Durham, NH

2014 November: Peterborough Town Library, Peterborough, NH

2014 December: Chesterfield Library, Chesterfield, NH

2015 January: Chesterfield Library, Chesterfield, NH

2015 February: Richmond Public Library, Richmond, NH

2015 March-April: Merrimack Library, Merrimack, NH

2015 May: Frost Free Library, Marlborough, NH

2015 June: Gay-Kimball Library, Troy, NH

2015 July-August: SPNHF Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests

2015 Sept-Oct: Stephenson Memorial Library, Greenfield, NH

2015 Nov-Dec: Whipple Free Library, New Boston, NH

2016 Jan-Feb: Hancock Public Library, Hancock, NH

2016 March: Fuller Public Library, Hillsborough, NH

2016 April-May: Randolph Town Hall, Randolph, NH

2016 June-July: Fiske Free Library, Claremont, NH

2016 August: Details to come

2016 September: Details to come

2016 Oct-Nov: Epsom Public Library, Epsom, NH

Contact us soon to book your exhibit!

Currently at the Fuller Public Library, Hillsborough NH

Fuller Public Library, Hillsborough NH
Fuller Public Library, Hillsborough, NH

Fuller Public Library, Hillsborough, NH

Fuller Public Library, Hillsborough, NH

Fuller Public Library, Hillsborough, NH

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