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Thank you, Randolph NH!

"The Road Not Taken" took a trip to North Country this summer, spending some time at the Randolph Public Library. We were hosted by Library Trustee Nancy Penney and had the opportunity to meet the gracious residents of Randolph at the show's opening; so gracious in fact, that we were invited back to present a workshop or two and to enjoy a long weekend getting to know the White Mountains. Well, we went, and we did, and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to live North of the Notch for a bit. The gardens of Randolph are gorgeous; the scenery uncommonly breathtaking; the food and hospitality that we experienced was unforgettable. To see that many stars, to be immersed in the woods and not get one mosquito bite (don't ask me how, I think it was Nancy's wonderfully magic food and eating outdoors); and to call up a shooting star on demand - well, I was beside myself, that's for sure. Thank you again, and see you in September!

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